Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates is a full service architecture firm with a great reputation for satisfying clients with all types and sizes of projects.  AVB+A is able to provide careful and concise problem solving from an experienced team of close knit designers and project managers. At our core is a team of associates who possess unique talents and have acquired complimenting yet different specializations in the field of architecture and design. The strengths of the individuals within our team are greatly expanded by the experience of 15 years of contiguous work and over 150 years of total experience in architecture.

   Alex Bogaerts has provided a strong legacy of quality design in a broad range of architectural projects for over 37 years. The success of the firm has been built on Alex’s natural talent for drawing, design, communication and the ability to quickly solve complex problems. Alex’s contagious creative spirit, passion for architecture and focus on client satisfaction are shared within the firm at every level. Our firm strives to create timeless built environments through an architecture informed by function, context and sustainability - yet focusing on individual and unique design solutions.