About Us

Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates (AVB) is a full-service architecture firm with a great reputation for satisfying clients with all types and sizes of successful projects. AVB is able to provide careful and concise problem solving from an experienced team of close-knit designers and project managers. At our core is a team of associates who possess unique talents and have acquired complimenting yet different specializations in the field of architecture and design. The strengths of the individuals within our team are greatly expanded by the experience of 43 years of contiguous work and over 150 years of total experience in architecture. Our firm strives to create timeless built environments through an architecture informed by function, context and sustainability – yet focusing on individual and unique design solutions.

Alex Bogaerts has provided a strong legacy of quality design in a broad range of architectural projects for over 43 years. The success of the firm has been built on Alex’s natural talent for drawing, design, communication and the ability to quickly solve complex problems. Alex’s contagious creative spirit, passion for architecture and focus on client satisfaction are shared within the firm at every level. Our firm strives to create timeless built environments through an architecture informed by function, context and sustainability – yet focusing on individual and unique design solutions.

We look forward to continuing to provide unprecedented architectural services for cities, developers, and private clients where the common objective is design excellence.


Our design goal for your project is to take the value of your investment to its greatest potential by providing architectural beauty and function to meet your personal lifestyle. AVB have designed custom and private lake front homes throughout Michigan. Some of our clients have high-profile status, such as several Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers players and management. We are proud to have designed homes in communities from Los Angeles to New York and as far away as Italy.

Our entire staff recognizes the professional effort required to successfully take a design concept through contract documents and the construction phase. This includes navigating complex city ordinances, code compliance, and constructability, with an overarching focus on design excellence. We love to work on all design styles, from traditional (Colonial, Tudor, Shingle-style, Craftsman, etcetera) to transitional and modern influences according to your design preferences. Our firm enjoys a hard-earned and strong reputation throughout Michigan as a well-known and talented architectural and interior design services, with many homes in your area.

“I recognized early on that each project is unique in terms of its client’s needs. In order to continuously seek design excellence, the concept must respond to the owner’s criteria and not be preconceived or forced. Thoughtful composition of floor areas and shape in relation to scale, proportion and flow, with natural light and appropriate scale are crucial to create the unique statement of a project. The cognition of these factors and the focused resolve to continuously enhance and refine the design statement to an artful scale and proportion are absolutely essential.” – Alexander V Bogaerts


AVB + Associates has developed designs for over 300,000 successful apartment and condominium units throughout Michigan and the United States. The ability to achieve density through site design, the ability to achieve unit excellence through plan design, and the talent to create stunning building exteriors all speak to the professional service provided for every project. Our firm prides itself in overall coordination and control of the various professions involved in the preparation of final construction documents. We assist our clients in all phases of the construction of the project: availability of on-site meetings, monthly draw request services and issuance of final certificate of occupancy are all part of our services.

The complexities inherent in a multi-family project demand a talented and experienced firm such as ours, with the design talent, code knowledge and technical expertise to culminate in a successfully built project. These complexities apply to projects as straight-forward as ranch units through a podium-style multi-level structure alike. Value-engineering the design and/or construction assemblies and finishes are a standard practice at our firm to help ensure the project closely aligns with the construction budget.

AVB utilizes Revit software which is 3d generated, allowing us to illustrate the design in a 3d realistic model. The advantages of this software include clash detection, where the software will highlight any conflicts between the building structure and mechanical/electrical/plumbing during the construction drawing process. This software also allows us to produce high-quality 3d images that are invaluable (as opposed to 2d flat images) when presenting the design to city planning during the approval process.


Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates has a diverse cross section of senior living community designs on our drawing board, under construction and several completed projects. These include independent senior living, assisted living and memory care components. The state and federal code compliance requirements are extensive, and our firm has multiple completed projects that we draw experience upon. Like every project we work on, the focus is on the overall design of the project that successfully integrates the needs and well-being of the residents.

Our talented interior designers are invaluable to any senior housing project, with a wide range of services and abilities to complete the project. Their innate talent is obvious when viewing a completed project, from the beautiful color palette that complements and enhances the architecture to their technical expertise in selections that meet state and federal requirements. These services include trim details, product selections (such as wall paneling, lighting and plumbing fixtures), flooring material selections, and cabinetry detailing to name a few, that highlight their ability to bring the senior housing project into a cohesive and invigorating environment.


AVB offers interior design services, from projects that range in scope from small single-family remodels, new single-family construction, to larger projects such as multi-family and senior housing in addition to retail, office and commercial sectors. Whether your needs are simple or more involved, our award-winning interior designers can help you realize your dream by assisting in color, material, fixture and finish selections (and procurement). Their extensive and intimate knowledge of all aspects of interior design directly translate into the benefit of your project.